AVT-C875, a video capture device from AVerMedia

I bought new gadget AVT-C875 for capturing video output (HDMI) from a PC or other devices such as WiiU.

For testing the device and recording software, I firstly recorded Mincraft playing on PC with an encoding software OBS(Open Broadcaster Software) Studio,a free, open source software via AVerMedia RECentral Stream Engine. But it fails following two points.

  1. Minecraft doesn't for external display
  2. Recorded video has some quality problem such as blur

I solved both problems by changing some condition including PC setting. Cause of the problem (1) seems Minecraft problem. If I set resolution of the PC to the same of HDMI output like 1920x1080 in Graphic property setting (See image below), it works fine!


On the problem (2), the cause was broadcasting software or AVerMedia Stream Engine. If I switched recording software to AVerMedia RECental, it works well!

Then, I tested recording from game device. I uploaded the recording test videos on Youtube.

[Splatoon, WiiU] First recording test with AVerMedia AVT-C875

[Super Mario Maker, WiiU] First recording test with AVerMedia AVT-C875